Closed Eyes and Child Sacrifice

Leviticus 20:1-5


February 7, 2021 • Brett Baggett

OUTLINE I. The LORD has much to say concerning child sacrifice—which in our day is called abortion (v. 1-q) II. Child sacrifice is particularly evil because it is the slaughtering of a blessing the LORD has given (v. 2b) III. Child sacrifice invokes both the physical and spiritual wrath of God (v. 2b-3a) IV. Child sacrifice is an attack on the worship of God and glory of God (v. 3b) V. The LORD has something to say to you who close your eyes or remain idle concerning child sacrifice happening in your land (v. 4) VI. Closed eyes or idleness concerning child sacrifice invokes God’s wrath upon you and your family (v. 5a) VII. Child sacrifice is principally an act of spiritual idolatry (v. 5b) END: Your only hope to escape the wrath of God is the Lord Jesus Christ who gave Himself as a sacrifice for sin! Turn from your sin, looking to Christ in faith, and live!