At the Cross-Roads

If you got what you wanted from Jesus, would Jesus get what He wanted from you?!

January 28, 2023 • Dr. Ed Newton • Mark 10:46–52

January 28, 2023

The intersection of breakthrough is when desperation collides with deliverance.

Open Door

February 4, 2023 • Dr. Ed Newton • Hebrews 11:29–31, Exodus 14:10–16

God opens doors that are closed, and closes doors that are open, and creates doors that do not exist.

House of Healing

January 21, 2023 • Dr. Ed Newton • John 5:1–9

January 21, 2023 Do not let expectations of how you think breakthrough should happen prevent you from seeing how God is making breakthrough happen.

The Waiting Room

January 14, 2023 • Dr. Ed Newton • Luke 2:36–38

The space between your breakthrough and your burden is the place God does the miracle in you.