Perfect Timing

The Interruption makes way for the “Immediately”

May 21, 2022 • Dr. Ed Newton • Mark 5:21–43

In waiting for our breakthrough, Jesus is working.

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God Goggles

June 18, 2022 • Dr. Ed Newton • 2 Kings 6:8–23

What seems overwhelming in the natural, must be seen by the filter of the supernatural.

Looking at Lions

June 11, 2022 • Dr. Ed Newton • Daniel 6

The Lion in you is greater than the lions surrounding you! If God doesn’t rescue you from the lion's den, he will rescue you from within the lion's den.

Turn It Around

June 4, 2022 • Dr. Ed Newton • 1 Chronicles 4:9–10

A new beginning starts at the place of a broken ending. Sometimes God doesn’t replace a name; He just chooses to redeem it!