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So starting May 24 we will be having two services. First one will start at 10:10 AM and the second one will start 12:00 noon. The Government set some things in place that we need to follow to the best of our ability. For an example: distancing yourself from others but same household can sit together. There is not nursery or children’s ministry. It says that infants and children must sit with there family [Bring lots of crayons and books or something to keep them occupied] If you are not feeling well then please stay home according to the government. We can have water and drinks in closed containers. Coffee cups must have lids. So we will have coffee and bottled/canned drinks after service, but no food. We won’t be able to have a full café service and fellowship yet, but it’s good to have an opportunity for even a very short visit with each other. I know we are all missing each other. Personally, Sveta and I miss you all very much! It’s hard to know for sure how many will be at each service so we don’t exceed 50 people as we are required. To give us somewhat of an idea, we are including a link for you to follow, where you can indicate what service you will be attending. You will have to include everyone from your family or friends who will be coming with you. >>>Please register for every Sunday that you will be here. At this time we have 6 Sundays with 2 different times: 10:10 am and 12 pm. ”Tickets” are free. It is just a tool for us to see who many will be at each service. Please, go to https://www.eventbrite.ca/e/sunday-service-tickets-105276653304. Thank you!

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