Morning Coffee and Convo

Contact: Alex

Spend your morning sipping coffee and getting to know some of our homeless neighbors. Address: 6636 Selma Avenue, Hollywood, CA 90028

Thursday Night Basketball

Contact: Jon Ritner

Every Thursday night from 7:00-8:00 we play basketball with some of the youth who are temporarily living at Covenant House.

No Greater Joy

6/15/14 • Paul Murphy

Of all the things that bring joy to our Heavenly Father, this might bring him the most joy...

Hurts so Good

1/26/14 • Jason Jaggard

THE Holy Other

4/27/14 • Matt Yeoman

There is simply no one like our God. Not even close...by far! Yet we embark on a series to talk about this God, His attributes, and who He is to us. Humbly. We live in a culture where nothing is sacred, so we begin where this journey must: by exploring the holiness of God.

To Each For All

9/29/13 • Joseph Barkley

We all understand that no one person can do everything. We all know that working on a great, diverse team accomplishes exponentially more than even the most talented individual could eek out on their own. Today, we're going to learn that God can lift us into an extraordinary experience of this principle. When we become ALL IN, God gives each of us even more to contribute-even more to give away. But, to make the most of it, we'll need to face the fact that succeeding alone is impossible.

Jeremiah 29:11

7/21/13 • Joseph Barkley

If God's people place their REAL HOPE in an everlasting love relationship with the Father, they can bring LIFE to any immediate context He places them in.

Free and Clear

3/30/14 • Joseph Barkley


10/13/13 • Joseph Barkley

As we return to our series in Romans 12, we get to examine the part we all play in culture-creation. When people get together-for any reason-a culture begins to form. It could be as temporary as the culture of a business meeting or as pervasive as the culture of city. For the most part, we feel like this intangible atmosphere happens to us. We're victims of culture. But what if that doesn't have to be true? What would it take for each of us adapt our environment rather than adapt to it? Today, we'll learn about the culture God wants for us-a culture we all deeply desire-and practical steps each of us can take to begin living in it.


2013 Review

1/5/14 • Joseph Barkley

The One Worthy of It All

6/29/14 • Jon Hans

We wrap up our "Big God' series by looking at one more aspect of God's character: His worthiness. God's worthiness demands a response. That, however, brings up a lot of questions- what makes God worthy? What is He worthy of? How am I supposed to respond to Him? Today we're going look at one of the best responses in the Bible to God's worthiness and not only discover the answers to some of these questions, but also the effects of how we respond to the One worthy of it all.

Persistent Prayer

11/17/13 • Matt Yeoman

Prayer can be difficult, especially when we find ourselves praying the same thing over and over again with no result. Often, we find ourselves with a choice. Will we risk going to God with the same prayer, or will we walk away? We can learn something from persistence. However, what we learn may not be what we want to learn. Today we will not only find out what God teaches us through persistent prayer but perhaps more important, the reason Jesus gives for us to not give up praying. The answer may not be what you think.


Melanie Michalski • December 2, 2012


2 Chronicles 7:14

9/1/13 • Joseph Barkley


December 2, 2013 • Craig Dahlberg

What's peace? Is it the lack of conflict or anxiety? Is it simply being calm in the middle of a storm? Maybe you've experienced a bit of it, maybe not. Maybe the unrelenting tensions in your world or the world around you leave any concept of "peace" just outside your reach. Jesus talked about peace a little differently than his contemporaries. Maybe this year, we can start to find out what kind of peace He promised to give us.

Defining Moment

8/25/13 • Goodie Goodloe

Returning to God (relationship and repentance) to enjoy the future He has for you.

Hope When It's Hopeless

December 9, 2012 • Joseph Barkley

We all have dreams about the future. Some might call them "goals" or "values"-maybe even "callings". Most would call them "hopes". I hope I can make it big. I hope this new policy will fix our broken educational system. I hope my marriage will be great. Maybe the "hope" that God will come through comes from the same place: desire plus a little optimism. So, what good is this kind of "hope" when all seems hopeless, when we can't see the end of the tunnel, when we've been disappointed yet again? Maybe, it's just wishful thinking. Maybe it's foolishness. Or, maybe, it's the beginning of the first real hope you've ever had.


November 25, 2012 • Joseph Barkley

Quite honestly, praying with other people might top your list of the weirdest, most uncomfortable things Christians seem obligated to do when they're with each other. There's confusion, distrust and maybe even hurt associated with it. Some of us can even load disappointment for all the times it didn't work on top of it all. So, can't we just give up on praying together? Can't we just mind our own business? This morning, let's be real. Let's face all our hesitations and finally experience this gift God has given us.


November 18, 2012 • Joseph Barkley, Greg Jong, Jon Hans

Have you ever thought about why Christians sing? Is it just a sort of pep rally moment? Is it just sentimentality? Maybe, you thought it's chanting to assimilate immature, unthinking minds. Today, let's explore why we do sing-and why God would command it over and over again. The answer is more logical than we might suspect.

Unity Happens

9/28/14 • Paul Murphy

In order to heal some of the hurts we have with other people, we have to learn to sync the horizontal with the vertical.