Inside Out - Testimony Sunday

April 22, 2018 • Dr. Steven Lennertz

Recap of the last five weeks of teaching in the Inside Out Series, plus testimonies of small group ministry members sharing what they experienced on their missions projects.

Living Generously

April 15, 2018 • Dr. Steven Lennertz

For the past 6 weeks we've been in the series called “Inside Out.” Our focus has been on building relationships, deepening the sense of community in our church family—particularly in our small groups—and reaching out to the community around our church family. This message deals with God's plan for generosity.

Together Serving

April 8, 2018 • Dr. Steven Lennertz

How do you serve God? There's only one way—by serving other people. God put you and I here to make the world a better place.

Together Growing

March 25, 2018 • Dr. Steven Lennertz

While you’re here on earth God wants to get you ready for heaven. He wants you to grow in character, and to grow spiritually. That’s what we’re going to look at today – How do I grow spiritually? More than that, how do we help each other grow! • The Bible teaches you cannot grow spiritually on your own. • You have to have other people in your life. • That’s why our small group ministry is so important. • You have to have other people to help you grow.