God's Final Invitation

Revelation 14:6-11

August 8, 2020 • Ben Reynolds

God has a final message to give to the world just before he returns. Are you willing to accept it and share it with others?

Seeing God's Face

Revelation 22 • December 12, 2020 • Ben Reynolds

The closing scenes of Revelation reaches a climax when God's people will see him face to face at last. Since sin entered the world and separated us from God, everything has been moving toward this moment of ultimate healing.

Our Final Destination

Revelation 21 • December 5, 2020 • Ben Reynolds

Heaven is important, but it’s not the end of the world. At the very end, the New Jerusalem comes from heaven to earth, and God takes up residence here with his people.

The Millennium

Revelation 20 • November 14, 2020 • Ben Reynolds

God will bring evil to an end in such a way that ensures it will never rise again — by the full revelation of his good character and the justice of his ways.