Beginning at the End

Revelation 21:3-4; 22:3-4

February 1, 2020 • Ben Reynolds

The book of Revelation was not given to satisfy our curiosity about the future, but rather to give us a vision of hope and healing for our broken world.

The Imitation Game

Revelation 13 • July 4, 2020 • Ben Reynolds

The only way we can tell the true from the false is by focusing on the Lamb that was slain.

Ground Zero

Revelation 12 • June 27, 2020 • Ben Reynolds

We are in the middle of a cosmic war between good and evil. Who started this war, what is it about, and how will it be won?

The Two Witnesses

Revelation 11 • June 20, 2020 • Ben Reynolds

The mission of the church can only be fulfilled when it follows the method of the Lamb.