The Mission Life Podcast

Hosted by Missions Pastor, Jeff Reams, this podcast features half-hour interviews with people who have found themselves on the "front lines" of the mission field. Listen to volunteer workers, ministers, and missionaries from all over the world share their stories of how God has been at work in their

Ep 17 - Why God Calls Us to Dangerous Places (Interview)

Surely a loving Father would never send his children into danger. Yet we read over and over again of God doing just that. What then is God’s motivation? These two know firsthand what it’s like to serve where many have warned them not to go. They will help us understand why God calls us to dangerous places. In this episode, we discuss: Why so many churches avoid sending people to dangerous places How our theology affects where we think God is calling us What its like to worship with people living under persecution How to respond to family members who don’t approve of where you are going The blessings of serving in a dangerous place Why God calls us to dangerous places

Ep 16 - I Can Do All Through Christ (Story)

September 21, 2017

He’s a Burmese Pastor and disciplemaker, a student of movements and someone who has faced persecution for his faith. He came here seeking asylum because it was no longer safe to return home. Now, he’s sharing the gospel and seeing Christ plant churches all over the USA. This is the story of James Amar.

Stories From Serving in a Refugee Camp

Episode 15 • November 7, 2016 • Jeff Reams

The refugee crisis still continues in Europe. Recently, DBC sent a team to serve refugees on the island of Lesvos. Gloria and Angelo share about the people they met, the things they saw and what they learned on this episode of the Mission Life podcast.

Taking Bread to Boston

Episode 14 • October 17, 2016 • Jeff Reams

In this episode, I talk with Lindsay Hicks about her unique approach to college ministry, some surprising challenges many students are facing, and how parents should handle sending their students off to college where they might struggle to hold onto their faith. For more on Bread, visit

A Teacher Accepts a Bold Assigment

Episode 13 • August 31, 2016 • Jeff Reams

She's a teacher who recently accepted a bold assignment in a closed country. Hear what she's up to and the question that led her to pack up and go, Discover how starting where you are might lead you to places you never imagined.

Meet Mr. Rob, Taking VBS to New Heights

Episode 12 • June 2, 2016 • Jeff Reams

Vacation Bible School has come a long way from its start in a New York saloon back in the early 1900s! In this episode, you'll meet Mr. Rob - as the kids know him - a man who loves writing skits and telling kids about Jesus. He's helping DBC go beyond the fun and show of VBS to inspiring kids to live on mission for Christ.

A Family Moves to Greece to Serve Refugees

Episode 11 • March 13, 2016 • Jeff Reams

To some it seemed like a risky decision. To others it was inspiring. But for Jeremy and Marianna, the choice to move with their two kids to serve refugees in Greece just seemed like the next right thing to do.

When Syrian Refugees Move In Next Door

Episode 10 • March 3, 2016 • Jeff Reams

We might be focused on the election, but refugees continue to stream into Europe and arrive in the USA. Scott and Jenna have opened up their home to them. They even hosted a Syrian family for Thanksgiving. What did they learn? Listen and find out.

How to Engage In Spiritually Reproductive Behaviors

Episode 9 • February 11, 2016 • Jeff Reams

Most Christians can probably quote the command of Christ to go and make disciples of all nations. Yet, how many actually know what it means or how to obey it? Ed, a disciplemaker living in Phoenix, AZ, shares how you and I can experience the joys of helping people follow Christ.

Fouad On the Gospel and Muslim Piety

Episode 8 • January 28, 2016 • Jeff Reams

Fouad answers questions about Islamic piety, views on heaven, forgiveness, roles of women and more!

Jessy - Mission Trips from an African Perspective

Episode 7 • January 14, 2016 • Jeff Reams

Mission trips can be amazing experiences. But, what's it like for the people in the other country once you have come back home? In this episode, Jessy from Liberia shares very helpful advice from the perspective of villagers who have seen numerous short term teams come and go.

Jessy - Mission Trips that Empower People

Episode 6 • December 10, 2015 • Jeff Reams

Good intentions can have harmful effects. Jessy grew up in Liberia, West Africa and has seen the good and the not so good side of mission trips. He offers great advice to insure that mission teams do the most good.

From the Front Lines of the Refugee Crisis

Episode 5 • November 20, 2015 • Jeff Reams

Everyone has an opinion about the current migration from North Africa, Central Asia and the Middle East. On this episode, you will hear a first hand account from someone who just returned from serving in a refugee center on the island of Lesvos Greece. Jeremy's insights will be helpful no matter your current opinion.

The Burts - Loving Your Muslim Neighbor | Part 2

Episode 4 • November 12, 2015 • Jeff Reams

In part 2, Brian and Crystal share more fantastic insights into how Christians can overcome mere curiosity or fear to genuinely love their neighbors.

The Burts - Loving Your Muslim Neighbor | Part 1

Episode 3 • October 29, 2015 • Jeff Reams

A lot of fear exists between the Christian and Muslim community in America. How can we overcome fear to love our Muslim neighbors, or anyone from another culture or religion? Brian and Crystal Burt share insights from their experiences serving refugees in Germany.