Jesus, Teach Me to Pray

10.02.16 - 11.06.16

Lead Us Not Into Temptation

Jesus, Teach Me to Pray • November 6, 2016 • Allen Jackson

The final line in the prayer — the one sandwiched between the instructions on forgiveness — is a plea that temptation would not overwhelm. The hope is that we will relate to the Father moment by moment in a way that keeps us from temptation.

And Forgive Us Our Sins

Jesus, Teach Me to Pray • October 30, 2016 • Allen Jackson

The power of forgiveness and the cleansing of confession are the twin truths of this petition. The depth of Gods forgiveness is evident as Jesus equates our willingness to forgive with Gods willingness to forgive.

Give Us This Day Our Daily Bread

Jesus, Teach Me to Pray • October 23, 2016 • Allen Jackson

We are taught to plead for God to give us what we need for each day; physically, mentally, socially, emotionally, spiritually. We are also to pray for daily bread for others. As Mack used to say, I am just one beggar telling the other beggars where to find bread.

Thy Kingdom Come, Thy Will Be Done

Jesus, Teach Me to Pray • October 16, 2016 • Allen Jackson

Anticipate God’s immediate purpose while longing for the ultimate reality of Jesus’ return, heaven. When we say that God is sovereign, we are declaring that God really is in charge of everything. Even some atheists pray when their loved ones are in a terrible situation. That’s because there’s something inside of us that tells us God is in control and Scripture affirms this time and time again.

Father, Hallowed Be Thy Name

Jesus, Teach Me to Pray • October 9, 2016 • Allen Jackson

We were taught to start the Lord’s Prayer by recognizing that we are praying collectively to God who is Father and who is in Heaven. Just as a respectful child approaches his father with humility and love, we also should approach praying to our Heavenly Father with humility and love rather than praying as if God were a cosmic vending machine, existing to give us whatever we ask for. We engage in worshipful prayer by humbly recognizing who we are and who God is.

When You Pray

Jesus, Teach Me to Pray • October 2, 2016 • Allen Jackson

In a loaded statement, Jesus answers a request to help the disciples pray with the power that seems to accompany HIS prayers. He begins, when you pray. For many of us, it is better worded, if you pray. All of us, pastors included, will confess that many things crowd our daily time. The emphasis of this message is on the discipline of daily, systematic, unhurried, intentional time in prayer.