Ken Anderson Day

November 20, 2016 • Brent Bond

This week we celebrate Ken Anderson's retirement and acknowledge his faithful service to Dunwoody Baptist church for 54 years.

Ep 63 - Christmas Music: What Happens When the Old Familiar Carols Play

Season 3, Episode 8 - Bo Bowen, Robert Comeaux, Judi Jackson • December 11, 2017 • Bo Bowen, Robert Comeaux, Judi Jackson

'Tis the season, podcast fans. In between whatever shows you're listening to, you're no doubt also lending your ears to the familiar refrains of Christmas songs. From traditional carols to new favorites to creative remixes, the music of Christmas is an ever-growing genre of music, and the extraordinary impact it has on this time of year has not changed in a long, long time. On this episode of As You Go, Bo sits down with occasional co-hosts Robert Comeaux (Worship & Arts Pastor at Dunwoody Baptist Church) and Judi Jackson (Director of Student Services, New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary), along with ever faithful Producer Ross, for a lighthearted, fun-filled examination of what makes Christmas music such an important aspect of our holiday observance. They debate the best songs and carols, disagree about the worst, and share with each other the unique ways music enhances their own personal worship and reverence for the birth of Jesus Christ. We'd love to hear from you about this same subject. What's your favorite carol? What's your least favorite? Do you agree that The First Noel is overrated? You can let us know all that and more by writing to us. Find us on Facebook at, on Twitter and Instagram at @asyougopodcast, or e-mail us directly at We truly would enjoy hearing from you! Don't forget to subscribe to As You Go, and, while you're at it, how's about giving us the gift of a glowing review wherever it is you get your podcasts (iTunes, Stitcher, Google Play)? Reviewing the show raises its profile, helps more people find it, and just makes Bo and Ross super duper happy.

Session 2: Gabriel and Mary

Gabriel's Nativity: The Prophetic Fulfillment of Christ's Birth • December 6, 2017 • Bo Bowen

Session 2 of this series focuses on Gabriel's visitation of Mary, a young girl living in the small, country village of Nazareth. We consider Mary unique situation, her exchange with the angel, as well as how exactly the actual birth goes down according to details from Luke 2.

Session 15

Journey Through Israel • December 6, 2017 • Allen Jackson

The end has come. Allen Jackson concludes his epic 15-part exploration of the geographical significance of ancient Israel.