Ken Anderson Day

November 20, 2016 • Brent Bond

This week we celebrate Ken Anderson's retirement and acknowledge his faithful service to Dunwoody Baptist church for 54 years.

Session 1: The Consummation of the Ages

Forgotten Jesus: Recovering the Life and Thought of a Galilean Rabbi Who Changed the World • August 15, 2018 • Bo Bowen, Jeff Reams, Robert Comeaux

In Session 1, Bo sets the stage for the ministry of Jesus by examining the numerous, interconnected political, religious, and social changes leading up to the 1st Century A.D., providing necessary historical context for understanding who Jesus was and why his ministry had the effect that it did.

Chapter 1

Romans: A Chapter Summary Study • August 15, 2018 • Allen Taliaferro

Session 1

In His Image • August 15, 2018 • Judi Jackson