Mini-Episode 5 - The Great Land Rover Adventure (w/ Alec & Jan Foreman)

Season 3, Mini-Ep 2 - Bo Bowen, Alec and Jan Foreman

December 1, 2017 • Bo Bowen, Alec Foreman, Jan Foreman

w/ Bo Bowen, Alec and Jan Foreman A very special As You Go mini-episode featuring an interview with two of the most fascinating people ever to grace the podcast: Alec and Jan Foreman. Alec and Jan are former missionaries to Mali, where they worked with a variety of organizations and initiatives, most notably well-digging efforts in rural villages. They have also served on staff at Black Forest Academy in Kandern, Germany, an international boarding school for the children of missionary families. However, these are just two examples of a life that has been bursting at the seams with adventure. Originally from England, even before Alec and Jan were married, Jan was working as a nurse in Alberta while Alec was stationed in Antartica with the British Royal Air Force. No strangers to extraordinary locales and experiences, as newlyweds they decided to embark on their greatest adventure ever; traveling across the entirety of the African continent in a specially converted Land Rover. As dear friends of podcast host, Bo, Alec and Jan were gracious enough to sit down for a brief interview during their last trip to the States, where they shared just a few of the many, many stories from that cross-continent adventure, not to mention the other amazing exploits, from their life together. They also gave a short, dramatic reading from their new book, Strangers Like Angels, which engagingly chronicles their experiences from their infamous 1977 Land Rover excursion. For a limited time from As You Go, we are making Alec and Jan's book, Strangers Like Angels, available for only $5. This is a book you NEED on your shelf, and one that makes a perfect Christmas gift to anyone who enjoys travel books, memoirs, or adventure novels. Contact us on Twitter at @asyougopodcast, or on our Facebook page at www.facebook.com/asyougopodcast, to let us know you want to reserve a $5 copy (or two or three). We'll do our best to ship them to you before Dec. 25! You can also find out a lot more about Alec and Jan Foreman on their website, www.explmore.com, where you can learn more about their book, see amazing photographs of their journey through Africa, and get inspired to some "more exploring" yourself! This is one of the coolest organizations out there, and all the proceeds from the book and other items on the website goes directly to funding Alec and Jan's work internationally. Finally, you can also contact us here at As You Go by e-mailing us directly at podcast@dbc.org. In addition to their website, www.explmore.com, you can follow Alec and Jan on Instagram at @strangerslikeangels, and on Facebook at www.facebook.com/strangerslikeangels.

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Ep 72 - 2018: A Year in Review

Season 4, Episode 5 (w/ Robert Comeaux, Katy Swilley, and Jeremy Noa) • December 31, 2018 • Bo Bowen, Robert Comeaux, Katy Swilley, Jeremy Noa, Ross Stevens

Well, it's that time of year again when we look back on all the best (and worst) aspects of 2018. Why we do this, who can say for sure? But we do it, and this wouldn't be a regular, ongoing podcast if it didn't keep up with culture's tendency to evaluate the previous year before jumping into the next. On this episode of As You Go, Bo sits down with some good friends (Robert Comeaux, Pastor of Worship & Arts; Katy Swilley, Assimilation Coordinator; Jeremy Noa, Video Coordinator) and his trusty engineering sidekick, Ross, to discuss the standout moments, stories, and experiences from 2018. The group shares their picks for Best Movie, Best TV Show, Best Book, and Best Album while also offering some perspectives on major and overlooked news stories from the past year. And, just like last year, the caveat on the Best-Of categories is that these pieces of pop culture did not have to be released in 2018 - only experienced for the first time in the past year. Yeah, it's a cheat, but it makes things so much easier. So, sit back, relax, and let the dying song of 2018 screech out one last time... If you would like to share your own picks for the best and worst of 2018, or you think you have a valid reason for telling one of us why we were dead wrong about our own picks, please don't keep that information to yourself! Write to us at podcast@dbc.org, or comment on our Facebook page at www.facebook.com/asyougopodcast. You can also tweet to us at @asyougopodcast.

Ep 71 - Heaven and Hell: Christianity's Crucial Carrot and Stick

Season 4, Episode 4 (w/ Jeff Reams and Katie Phillips) • November 20, 2018 • Bo Bowen, Jeff Reams, Katie Phillips

Heaven. A glorious place. Pearly gates. Streets of gold. A crystal sea. And so many clouds! Hell. A terrifying place. Fiery pits. Sulphur fumes. Dank caves. And so many pitchforks! Misinterpreted or not, these are just some of the images that come to mind when we think of the proverbial carrot and stick of the Christian view of eternity. And, for more than fifteen-hundred years, these images have proven extremely influential to human beings. To this very day, even people who reject everything about Christianity are familiar with the concepts of heaven and hell. They are integral aspects of the life of faith, and have been speculated about and re-imagined by believers and non-believers alike. Even if you don't believe in heaven or hell, there's no getting around how powerful and persuasive these two concepts can be. On this episode of As You Go, Bo sits down with regular co-hosts Jeff Reams (Missions Pastor at Dunwoody Baptist Church and host of The Mission Life Podcast) and Katie Phillips (Writer and Editor with Shaunti Feldhahn Ministries) to discuss how their own upbringings in the Church were influenced (or not) by the concepts of heaven and hell. In what ways has the hope of heaven drawn them deeper into a desire for God, and in what ways has a fear of hell changed the way they viewed the life of faith? How should Christians talk about these two enigmatic concepts with non-believers? What about with children? If you would like to share your own thoughts on this episode, you can write to us at podcast@dbc.org. You can also find us on Facebook at www.facebook.com/asyougopodcast. We're also on Twitter and Instagram at @asyougopodcast. We'd love to hear from you! Show Notes: The Reason for God: Belief in an Age of Skepticism by Timothy Keller, Penguin Books, 2009.

Ep 70 - Gender Identity: Who Do You Think You Are?

Season 4, Episode 3 (w/ Dr. Allen Jackson) • October 22, 2018 • Bo Bowen, Dr. Allen Jackson

In the last two decades, majority views on gender and sexuality have undergone a significant shift. And in the last half-decade or so, one of the most controversial issues to emerge within this subject matter is the issue of gender identity (i.e., "gender expression," "gender dysphoria," etc.). Whether for better or worse, not very long ago in Western society an anatomical/biological male could choose to "identity" as female in gender (or vice versa) only to be immediately dismissed as mentally impaired. But in most communities, that response has either softened, or completely changed. But with the normalization of separating from one's biological identity from one's gender expression, there remains several points of concern that should not be overlooked no matter what side of this issue, or related issues, you find yourself standing on. Hard questions must still be asked of this new normal. Most notably, perhaps, is what age or stage of life is healthy and appropriate in which to choose one's gender identity and sexual orientation? How young is too young? And what does empirical science have to say in response to what is very often a decision driven by social experience and emotion? On this episode of As You Go, Bo sits down with Dr. Allen Jackson, senior pastor of Dunwoody Baptist Church in Dunwoody, Georgia. Prior to pastoring at DBC, Allen spent much of his adult life and ministry career as a professor and writer, training student pastors and other seminarians and engaging in research on a wide range of subjects pertaining to child and adolescent development. Together, Allen and Bo discuss the ramifications of gender identification and how the issue has changed over the last several years. They focus much of their conversation on the growing trend of choosing one's gender identity prior to, or during, puberty, and the dangers inherent in doing so as attested in pediatric research. This is a wide-ranging topic, to be sure, and not a little controversial. However, in their conversation Allen and Bo seek to respect differing viewpoints and stances while providing honest observations and interpretations of research data in order to help listeners remain adequately informed about such a polarizing issue in today's society. For Christians especially, while some might like this issue to go away, the fact is that all of us must recognize a need to not only address it, but also to carefully understand and reflect on it, and to pursue an attitude of grace and patience no matter what our personal feelings may be. This episode may help you in that journey. If you would like to offer your own comments, or feedback, on this episode, you can send an e-mail to podcast@dbc.org, or go to our Facebook site, www.facebook.com/asyougopodcast and offer a comment beneath the episode post. You can also tweet to us at @asyougopodcast. SHOW NOTES: (Helpful articles and books, including those mentioned by Dr. Jackson): Articles: "Responding to the Transgender Revolution" by Robert S. Smith (copyright 2017) "The Transgender Revolution and the Rubble of Empty Promises" by Russell Moore (copyright 2017) "The Gender-Fluid Generation: Young People on Being Male, Female, or Non-Binary" by Sarah Marsh and The Guardian readers (copyright 2016) "Sexuality and Gender: Findings from the Biological, Psychological, and Social Sciences" by Lawrence S. Mayer and Paul R. McHugh (copyright 2016) "Misunderstanding a New Kind of Gender Dysphoria" by Lisa Marchiano (copyright 2017) "Women's Service in the Church: The Biblical Basis" by N.T. Wright (copyright 2016) Books: The Bible and Homosexual Practice by Robert J. Gagnon Bible, Gender, Sexuality: Reframing the Church's Debate on Same-Sex Relationships by James V. Brownson Transgender by Vaughan Roberts God and the Transgender Debate: What Does the Bible Actually Say About Gender Identity by Andrew T. Walker Love is an Orientation: Elevating the Gay Conversation with the Gay Community by Andrew Marin Understanding Gender Dysphoria: Navigating Transgender Issues in a Changing Culture by Mark A. Yarhouse