Jesus - God's Selfie

Jesus - God's Selfie | Part 1

December 4, 2021 • Duane Sheriff

How does God identify? He identifies himself through Jesus. Jesus is God's "selfie". He is a perfect and pure picture of the true and living God and He came to establish the character of God in the earth. How we perceive God effects everything in our life and it will be how we reflect God in our everyday lives. It's important that we understand who God is and what he is like to be true image bearers of God.

Jesus - God's Selfie | Part 2

December 4, 2021 • Duane Sheriff

Most people would say Jesus came to save us from our sins. While that is correct it is incomplete. Part of the reason Jesus came to the earth was to reveal God's true nature and character to us so that we could know him. Eternal life is knowing God and it is intimate and it will take a lifetime for us to know God, but looking to Jesus is the place to start.