The Mystery of Seeds

The Mystery Of Seeds | Part 1

June 13, 2021 • Duane Sheriff

Good in, good out: Bad in, bad out. It is a simple enough principle, especially in gardening. If you plant good seeds in good soil, you will get good crops. If you plant bad seeds, even in good soil, you will get bad crops. So, what are you planting in your life?

The Mystery Of Seeds | Part 2

June 20, 2021 • Duane Sheriff

God’s Word is like a seed. It carries life and has the power to grow exponentially and produce nourishing fruit. But seed only grows when planted in soil! You must plant it and trust that your soil has been given everything it needs to produce good fruit in your life

The Mystery Of Seeds | Part 3

June 27, 2021 • Duane Sheriff

Words are seeds! What kind of spiritual seeds are you planting with your words? We tend to forget the power of what we say, but Pastor Duane reminds us that what we say has such potential to grow into something big, whether good or bad. This message will inspire you to start planting the spiritual seeds that will bring a good harvest in your life and in the lives of others around you!

The Mystery Of Seeds | Part 4

June 30, 2021 • Duane Sheriff

Our words, if spoken in faith, have the power to change the trajectory of our lives. Jesus said that faith the size of a mustard seed can move mountains, and the scriptures give many examples of how Jesus would sow seeds of faith and see an instant harvest. And though we may not always see instant results, we need to understand that our words matter and that if we mix faith with our words, we will see transformation in our lives.

The Mystery Of Seeds | Part 5

July 4, 2021 • Duane Sheriff

Work is a form of worship and a part of the image of God. Without saying, "live long and prosper", Pastor Duane shows us how mixing faith with our work gives us a prosperous mindset!

The Mystery Of Seeds | Part 6

September 5, 2021 • Duane Sheriff

One of the most important steps a farmer takes is preparing the ground for planting. Our hearts are like soil and we are "good ground" but we need to prepare our hearts to grow the good seeds and reject the bad ones. Pastor Duane teaches us to prepare our hearts for the harvest!

The Mystery Of Seeds | Part 7

September 8, 2021 • Duane Sheriff

The Word of God is seed and our hearts are ground. If you openly receive God's Word, your heart is good ground. But, if you let your heart grow hard, you won't bear fruit and could miss your harvest. What are you letting take root in your life?