A New Identity In Christ

A New Identity In Christ | Part 1

July 11, 2021 • Duane Sheriff

We live in a time where everything in the church and in our culture is being shaken. When the dust settles, only that which is of the Kingdom will remain. This is why it's so critical that believers understand their new identity in Christ and are building lives that are Kingdom-focused rather than rooted in the cares of this world.

A New Identity In Christ | Part 2

July 11, 2021 • Duane Sheriff

How do you identify? It's a prevalent question being asked in our culture today. Without Christ, people will look to their flesh to find some sort of identity and purpose in this life. With Christ, however, we now know that our identity has nothing to do with our flesh. Instead, it has everything to do with how we have been made a new creation through faith in Christ Jesus. And that the life we now live is not according to the flesh but by the Spirit of God.