Ecosystem of Faith | Part 2


July 24, 2022 • Duane Sheriff

One of the components that make up our faith ecosystem is love. Faith works by love and knowing His love for us grows and strengthens our faith

Ecosystem of Faith | Part 1

July 17, 2022 • Duane Sheriff

Why is it that so many seem to be struggling with simple faith? Pastor Duane teaches that there is an ecosystem that makes up our faith environment. We need to understand this ecosystem so we can build up and strengthen our faith to live a life free from fear and full of hope.

Ecosystem of Faith | Part 3

July 31, 2022 • Duane Sheriff

It is those with faith AND patience who inherit the promises of God. Patience is the strength of faith that allows you to get to the end and see the manifestation of what God gives you at the beginning of every journey.