Being A Ransom

September 25, 2010 • Duane Sheriff • John 15:13, Matthew 20:25–28, Matthew 16:24–28, 1 Corinthians 12, 2 Corinthians 4

Duane teaches that being a ransom for others is the pathway to greatness, according to Jesus. In Matthew 20:28, Jesus says that the Son of Man came not to be served but to serve and give his life as a ransom for many.

To be a ransom means sacrificing oneself and being a servant for the sake of others. Jesus became a ransom in death for us, and we are called to be a ransom for him in life. This means being willing to give our time, resources, and even our lives to set others free from their bondage or "hostage" situations. We should be willing to be a ransom for our spouses, children, church, and country.

Four major hindrances can prevent us from being an effective ransom for others:

1. Pride and self-centeredness: When we are self-centered and filled with pride, we cannot truly serve and sacrifice for others. It is essential to have a humble and others-minded perspective.

2. An independent spirit: We cannot be a ransom if we isolate ourselves and try to go it alone. We need to be connected to others and willing to be there for them.

3. Depreciating our worth and value: If we see ourselves as having little value, we will not believe we have anything to offer as a ransom for others. Understanding our worth in Christ and seeing ourselves as valuable is crucial.

4. A low adversity quotient (AQ): Being a ransom often involves suffering, sacrifice, and unfairness. If we have a low tolerance for adversity, we will be unable to endure the challenges of being a ransom.

Being a ransom is not always easy or fair, but it is the path to greatness and impact on the lives of others. Duane challenges believers to grow in their ability to sacrifice and endure adversity, knowing that they will be rewarded for their service, even if not in this life, then in the kingdom to come.