Work Matters '18

Work Matters || Rest

November 4, 2018 • Pastor Brad Reed

Work Matters || Common Grace

October 28, 2018 • Pastor Brad Reed

Work Matters || Brokenness at Work

September 30, 2018 • Pastor Brad Reed

"The Bible teaches plainly that Adam and Eve’s fall into sin was not just an isolated act of disobedience but an event of catastrophic significance for creation as a whole… . The effects of sin touch all of creation; no created thing is in principle untouched by the corrosive effects of the fall. Whether we look at societal structures such as the state or family, or cultural pursuits such as art or technology, or bodily functions such as sexuality or eating, or anything at all within the wide scope of creation, we discover that the good handiwork of God has been drawn into the sphere of mutiny against God. “The whole creation,” Paul writes, “has been groaning … is subject to bondage and decay." —Albert C. Wolters, Creation Regained: A Transforming View of the World Our work will never grant us access to the Tree of Life, but Christ came so that we could find life in Him.

Work Matters || Why Work Matters

September 23, 2018 • Pastor Brad Reed

"Faith and Work: We might see them as estranged. But, in truth, they share a crucial aim: to see the unseen. Nothing new has been made without faith. Nothing unseen has been seen without work. When the force of what we do hits why we do it, we wither or we flourish. We don’t want to just examine that collision. We want to live in the intersection where it occurs. To celebrate what flies. And to rethink what falls. To map. To explore. To create. To risk and to fail better. Not just for a nicer 9 to 5. But to serve the city we belong to and love. It comes down to one key truth: work matters. So do it well." -Center for Faith and Work Additional Text: Genesis 1 and 2