Virginia Divine Healing Training Seminar

The DHT is the culmination of over 6 decades of Biblical research, practical, hands-on application, and tens of thousands of hours of study by John G. Lake and Curry Blake.

May 16, 9:00am - May 18, 2024 5:00pm

Did you know that healing is talked about in every book of the Bible? Healing was an integral part of Jesus' ministry and the apostles' ministries. This seminar will answer all your questions about divine healing from a Biblical perspective and activate you to start changing your world! The seminar starts at 9am each day and ends at 5pm with a 2 hour break for lunch. There will be a healing service Saturday evening starting at 7. The event is free of charge. A love offering will be taken up during the seminar. No offering will be taken up at the healing service. No nursery or childcare will be provided. Space is limited so register early! jglmltlakecity@gmail.com or dominionlifegettysburg@gmail.com