Parish Conversations | UK

Join parish priests and lay leaders from across the UK as they journey from maintenance to mission.

Children's Ministry Online

Parishes have been innovating during the pandemic to make sure that children and families have access to age-appropriate worship, activities, and prayer online. Hear learnings from three parishes: one Canadian and two UK. We'll be joined by Laura O'Rourke of St Benedict Parish, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Jamila Jeffers of Our Lady and St Joseph's, Kingsland, and Anne Marie Milwain of St John Bosco and St Bernadette's, Erskine.

Leading Worship Online

Currently, parishes are thinking through how best to open the physical doors of their churches, while keeping the digital ones open. We believe that the digital presence of our parishes is here to stay for the foreseeable future. With that in mind, how can we best gather for praise and worship online? Many parishes have been using this as a way to connect people during lockdown. In this webinar, Director of Worship at the Parish of Our Lady of Walsingham, Edwin Fawcett, shares his experiences alongside Pippa Baker and Joe Wells of One Hope Project. Join us for another uplifting and inspiring parish conversation!

Reopening Our Churches

Our churches look set to begin reopening in the not-too-distant future for public worship, even at reduced capacity. In this webinar, join Kurt Klement (Director of Adult Ministry, St Ann's Coppell, Texas), Fr Stephen Langridge (Parish Priest, St Elizabeth's Richmond), and Matt Regitz (Divine Renovation Leadership Coach) as we discuss the steps that parishes are taking to get ready to open safely while keeping a particular eye on mission and hospitality.

The Digital Revolution of your Parish's Finances

How is your parish coping financially? Most parishes are realizing that moving giving online is a necessity from this crisis onward. Join Fr James Mackay (Parish of Our Lady of Walsingham, Royal Docks), Drake Gearheart (business agility coach), and Helen Brennan(accountant and SLT member at Our Lady and St Joseph, Kingsland), as we discuss strategies for bringing about this digital revolution.

Divine Renovation from Square One

Join Ron Huntley - Director of Divine Renovation Coaching, Fr Tom, and Fr Frankie - UK priests in coaching with Divine Renovation as they share how to get started with some Divine Renovation basics, even in the midst of the pandemic.

Engaging Seekers, Reaching the Unchurched

In the current pandemic, people are asking who is in control of their lives, and what the purpose of their lives is. Many are seeking, and many churches are in prime positions to offer them a place to search and provide answers to their deepest longings. Join Sherry Weddell (author of Forming Intentional Disciples), Fr James Mallon (founder of the Divine Renovation ministry), and Hannah Vaughan-Spruce as we explore innovative ways we can reach people right now.

Leadership at a Time of Crisis

The COVID crisis has catapulted parish priests and leadership teams into a situation where leadership is needed, in a way it has never been needed before. Overnight everything has changed, and yet, where a priest is not supported by a leadership team, he can find himself isolated in decision-making. How do you lead well in this crisis when your parish is not set up with the structures or culture of leadership? Join priests from Divine Renovation parishes in coaching - Fr Mark Hogan (St Peter's and the Winchester Martyrs, Winchester) and Fr James Mackay (Parish of Our Lady of Walsingham) - as they discuss their experiences of leading through the crisis so far, together with Fiona O'Reilly, Director of Global Strategy for Divine Renovation, and Hannah Vaughan-Spruce.

Spiritually Close, Physically Distant

Have you been wondering what shape your parish will be in when lockdown is lifted? We are convinced that connection and communication within parishes is more important now than ever in maintaining and nurturing community during the crisis. In this Parish Conversation, Jordan Kelly (Director of Pastoral Ministries at the Parish of Our Lady of Walsingham, Royal Docks), Elisa Alberto (SLT member at St Elizabeth's, Richmond) and Nazar Alsamarai (Director of Peter's House, and mastermind behind Faith in Isolation) will be discussing strategies for parishes staying spiritually close while physically distant.

Bringing Youth Ministry Online

How do we keep young people connected and engaged during this time of isolation? Hannah Vaughan-Spruce will be joined by Azande Mbhele (Youth Development Manager, Alpha UK), Will Desmond (Ascent UK), and Pete Emmott (Director of Pastoral Ministries at Our Lady and St Joseph, Kingsland).

How could this crisis lead to more mission focused parishes?

Join Kurt Klement (Director of Pastoral Ministries at St Ann's, Coppell, Texas and Divine Renovation Leadership Coach), Deacon Keith Strohm (Deacon of the Archdiocese of Chicago and author of Ablaze - 5 Essential Paradigm Shifts for Parish Renewal) and Hannah Vaughan-Spruce (Divine Renovation UK Coordinator) as we discuss how this crisis could change our parishes. How can this unprecedented suspension of normal parish life help us explore new, more missional ways of operating?

How to Livestream Your First Ever Mass

Would you as a priest or would your parish like to livestream Easter Sunday Mass? Join Brenden Thompson (CEO of Catholic Voices), Fr Philip Connor (Parish Priest of St Joseph's, Lancaster), and Hannah Vaughan-Spruce (Divine Renovation UK Coordinator) to learn how to livestream your first-ever Mass. What are the practical steps to prepare for live-streaming? What are the best platforms to use? What are some tips to achieve good quality and incident-free streaming?

Taking Church Online

Join Fr Stephen Langridge (Parish Priest of St Elizabeth's, Richmond), Elisa Alberto (St Elizabeth's leadership team), Fr Derek Hyett (Parish Priest of Our Lady and St Joseph, Kingsland) and Hannah Vaughan-Spruce (Divine Renovation Regional Coordinator) as we discuss how to take church online. How are St Elizabeth's and Our Lady and St Joseph moving their ministries online? What works and what doesn't? The next few months will require parishes to navigate a new world, developing innovative and creative ways to sustain community, and provide spiritual care. Join us as we explore what this could look like.