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Conversations with Christian Leaders on Mission During the COVID-19 Crisis

Pastoring People Through Crisis

Join the team from Divine Renovation as we speak into our initial reaction to the COVID-19 crisis

How To Lead Remote Teams

As more and more parishes begin to live the new reality that is remote work and work from home, how do we approach this new frontier? Do we know what tools we can use to communicate with parishioners? Do we know the best tools and systems to work together when we’re not actually together? How do we maintain focus on our mission when we’re working in isolation? Dan O’Rourke, Fiona O’Reilly, and Eric Myatt of Divine Renovation are joined by Father Alex Colautti of Saint Benedict Parish to talk about the tools and processes that we can use to do the right things for parishes during this incredibly fluid time.

Leading Kids and Youth Through Uncertainty

Join Laura O’Rourke, Director of Children’s Ministries at Saint Benedict Parish and Matt Regitz, Divine Renovation Coach and Youth Minister at Prince of Peace Catholic Community in Houston, Texas as they help walk us through what today’s realities mean for kids and youth ministry programs. What do young people need right now and how can we make sure we’re there to meet those needs? How can we keep them close to Christ when we can’t be close to one another? What are some best practices for connecting kids and youth to the Church during these uncertain, confusing, and often frightening times? This is a great conversation for ministry leads, teams, pastors and parents.

How To Do Digital Easter

As Catholics, Holy Week is the most sacred time of our year. This season Easter looks very different for us as we face self-distancing, isolation, or even quarantine. What steps can the Church take during these challenging times? How can our parishes use this Easter as an opportunity to share our faith and reach out? Join Father James Mallon and Archbishop Anthony Mancini from the Archdiocese of Yarmouth-Halifax in Nova Scotia. They'll lead a discussion around how our diocese is preparing for this important time and how parishes and dioceses across the world can approach this challenge in faith.

Mission In a Time of Pandemic

Join Father Michael Leclerc and Kevin Burgess of St. Ignatius of Loyola Parish in Montreal, Quebec as they discuss with Father James Mallon and Dan O’Rourke how they have embraced a missional mindset during this time of isolation. Can we reach out and reach people when we can’t open wide the doors of the church? Can you afford to “close” your church during this crisis? Father Michael and Brother Kevin will speak to pastors, seminarians, and lay leaders about what leadership should look like and what is possible during this pivotal moment in the life of the Church.

Creating a Culture of “I Don’t Know” and “Solution Mindedness”

In this time of transition, we don't have all the answers. We don't even have all the questions. How can you lead in honesty in this time? How can you help your team of volunteers and staff embrace the unknown, not with fear, but with focus? In seasons like this, perfection will get in the way of progress. Ron Huntley, Father James Mallon, and Matt Regitz are joined by Father Robert Fedek of Immaculate Conception (Talcott) in Chicago, Illinois for this important discussion of leadership in times of uncertainty.

Finances Under Fire

Father Simon Lobo of Saint Benedict Parish joins Rob McDowell and Ron Huntley of Divine Renovation to discuss the difficult financial situation that every parish on earth currently finds themselves in. The team explores what mindset we should have with giving and finances in this season, what services are out there to help and how we can be (and should have been) ahead of the curve when it comes to digital giving.

Alpha and Evangelization During Difficult Times

We often ask our parishes if they have something to invite guests to AFTER Alpha. Many parishes right now are scrambling trying to figure out if they have anything to invite anyone to at all. This week we're joined by Nicky Gumbel, founder of the Alpha Course and Vicar of Holy Trinity Brompton, as he shares with us his vision of Alpha and Evangelization for this season and beyond. We invite you to join Dan O'Rourke and Father James Mallon for this conversation into the heart of evangelization and invitation.

Communicating in Crisis

A lot of parishes are taking a look at their digital networks right now and many don't like what they see. As meetings, ministry, and money move to online-only, how are parishes coping or potentially thriving in this season? Join Divine Renovation and parish communications leaders to discuss best practices and possibilities during this quick shift to online.

Real People, Virtual Alpha

Ron Huntley is joined by Stephen Foster, National Director of Alpha UK, John Wentz, Ministry Director of Alpha USA, and Tanya Noye, Alpha and Engagement at Saint Benedict Parish to help leaders understand and implement Alpha in the current context. The opportunities for evangelization and mission in this current context are wide and deep and we'll take a deep dive into making the most of the season we find ourselves in.