Let The Lioness Roar Women's Conference

Marked By God

August 28, 7:00pm - August 30, 2024 9:30pm

Experience the power of faith at the Let the Lioness Roar conference, led by Prophetess Felecia Wade. Taking place from August 28th to 30th at the Divine Life Church in Memphis, TN, this gathering promises an immersive journey into spiritual growth and empowerment.

Embracing the theme "Marked by God," attendees will delve into profound teachings, heartfelt worship, and soul-stirring fellowship. Stay tuned as we unveil our esteemed guest speakers, each bringing unique perspectives and insights to ignite your faith journey.

Join us as we come together to unleash the divine purpose within, letting the lioness roar with strength, grace, and unwavering faith.

Admission is free but registration is required.