Red Letters

A Closer Look at the Words of Jesus

Jesus On Money

June 30, 2019 • Aaron Sanders

Most people cringe when they hear preachers talk about money, but Jesus taught a very different message than what is being taught in most churches today. What did he have to say? Listen as Lead Pastor Aaron Sanders preaches from Matthew Chapter 6.

Jesus on Faith

June 23, 2019 • Aaron Sanders

Faith. We talk about it, sing about it, and see it portrayed in movies. But what is it? Listen as Lead Pastor Aaron Sanders unpacks Jesus’s teaching on the topic from Luke Chapter 17.

Jesus on Authority

June 16, 2019 • Aaron Sanders

Jesus commanded a type of authority that challenged the existing religious leaders of his day and they hated him for it. How do you respond to his lordship in your life? Listen as Lead Pastor Aaron Sanders preaches from Matthew 21.

Jesus On Worship

June 9, 2019 • Jay Blackburn

Have we become too comfortable with God? Join associate pastor Jay Blackburn as he talks about what it looks like to prepare ourselves for worship with the King.

Jesus On the Law

June 2, 2019 • Chris Cummings

The God of the Bible has always been a God of grace! Join college pastor Chris Cummings as he talks about the grace of God in light of the law.

Jesus on the Trinity

May 26, 2019 • Aaron Sanders

What is the trinity? What did Jesus teach about it and why does it matter? Listen as Lead Pastor Aaron Sanders challenges the church to grow in our knowledge of God.

The Kingdom

May 19, 2019 • Aaron Sanders

Jesus spent a lot of time proclaiming the good news about the Kingdom of God, but what is the Kingdom all about? Listen as Lead Pastor Aaron kicks off this important message series.