Clarus 2017 – Romans and the Reformation


Romans 12 • February 26, 2017 • Mark Dever

We are living sacrifices, worshiping the Lord everywhere we are, every day of the week, in everything we do, and with everyone we know.

Panel Discussion

February 25, 2017 • Mark Dever and Greg Gilbert

The panel discusses topics ranging from election to Roman Catholicism to the ongoing effects of the Reformation.


Romans 9 • February 25, 2017 • Mark Dever

The doctrine of election should humble us and lead us to love the lost as we remember it is only by grace we have been called from death to life.


Romans 8:31-39 • February 25, 2017 • Greg Gilbert

If you are trusting in Jesus for salvation, then you can with certainty know that God loves you, is for you, and nothing can ever change that.


Romans 7 • February 25, 2017 • Mark Dever

We are no longer slaves to the law of sin and death, but have been set free by a victorious Christ.


Romans 4:18-22 • February 25, 2017 • Greg Gilbert

Faith is not weak or childish, but rather a strong, confident trust in God to do everything that He has promised.


Romans 2 • February 24, 2017 • Mark Dever

Because we have all sinned and are in need of grace, hypocrisy is inexcusable, pointless, and blasphemous.


Romans 1:16-17 • February 24, 2017 • Greg Gilbert

We can have unshakable confidence in the power of the gospel because the same God who created the universe and resurrected Christ is the same God who saves souls.