How to Pray and Get What You Pray For (06)

Elements of Successful Praying: #1: With Confidence, Without Condemnation

God wants us to pray and get what we pray for, but there are requirements we must fulfill as we approach God in prayer. Today we are going to learn about an element of successful praying, but in two aspects—the negative and the positive.

The Ministry of Intercession (5)

Will You Be an Intercessor? • Host, Stephen Mansfield

The one person that God looks for in times of crisis is the intercessor. Today there is guilt and failure on the part of all segments of society—the prophets, the priests, the secular rulers and the people. God is looking for those who will stand in the gap for their country and their land. Will you?

The Ministry of Intercession (4)

Esther on Behalf of Israel • Host, Stephen Mansfield

As intercessor, Queen Esther placed herself in harm’s way, standing between all Jews and those who wanted to destroy them all. She stood her ground in the face of her own possible execution—fasting and praying to her God for three days and bringing about a change of heart in the King.

The Ministry of Intercession (3)

Daniel on Behalf of Israel • Host, Stephen Mansfield

Daniel read that the period was ending when God was going to restore the Jews to their land. Even though by law he was forbidden to pray, he continued to seek the Lord for the fulfillment of His promise to restore the Jews.