Subsplash Client Testimonials

Everwell Church | A Subsplash Spotlight

As a growing church plant, Everwell Church was looking for a solution that could save them time and help them reach more people with the gospel throughout the week. Tune in to hear the benefits and impact they’ve seen since switching to the Subsplash Platform!

Austin Oaks | A Subsplash Spotlight

As a growing multigenerational church, Austin Oaks made the switch from managing multiple technology solutions to going all in with the Subsplash Platform. Tune in to hear the benefits, savings, and impact that they’ve seen so far!

Let’s Talk | Subsplash Live with Friendship Baptist Church

Friendship Baptist shares the vision, strategy, and success of their experience with Subsplash Live and offers insight into using the Subsplash Platform to better reach your community.

Let’s Talk | SnapPages™ with Tapestry LA

Tapestry LA shares the vision, strategy, and success of their website on SnapPages™ and offers insight into using the Subsplash Platform to better reach your community.

Let’s Talk | Mobile Apps with Arrowhead Church

Arrowhead Church shares the vision, strategy, and success of their mobile app and offers insight into using the Subsplash Platform to better reach your community.

Reach Church | A Subsplash Spotlight

In 2012, Reach Church was founded in a small living room with a big mission: Be the Church, Reach the City. With a heart for their community and a passion to help them overcome the hurry of everyday life, Reach leadership looked for ways to simplify their processes through technology. From day one, their mobile app on the Subsplash Platform has been a home for their congregation, connecting them with events, giving, and so much more. Want to learn more about how The Ultimate Engagement Platform™ can help fuel your mission? Let’s chat!

CityHill Church | A Subsplash Spotlight

With five campuses in the Pacific Northwest, CityHill Church is passionate about raising up leaders to reach more people in the region with the gospel message. Technology is essential to their strategy, and that's why they adopted a powerful platform that's simple to use and scales with their growth. Subsplash apps, giving, media, websites, notes, and more are the complete toolkit for each and every CityHill campus!

Anthem Ventura | A Subsplash Spotlight

Facing the familiar challenges of email fatigue and social media overload, the team at Anthem Ventura in Southern California was looking for a new way to reach their church with effective communication. That’s when a powerful solution presented itself on the Subsplash Platform. Now their small groups, service teams, leaders, and others can be connected in their custom mobile app with Subsplash Messaging—and Anthem’s content is at the forefront of everyone’s engagement. Introducing a more authentic way to connect, engage, and build community. “Having good communication is every church leader’s problem.” —Pastor Bert Alcorn, Anthem Ventura

Northstar Church | A Subsplash Spotlight

In 2016, Northstar Church launched an ambitious campaign to transform their finances. Looking for a powerfully integrated digital giving solution that would help encourage generosity in their church, they switched to Subsplash Giving and paid off $6.8 million of debt within two years! Now they’re putting these resources back into the community and giving away $30,000 per month toward kingdom impact in the surrounding area. Want to learn more about how we can help Fuel Your Mission™ with Subsplash Giving? Let’s chat! BeBold video provided courtesy of Northstar Church and Southend Films.

Client Spotlight: Church of the City

Church of the City adopted Subsplash giving to make generosity easy for their community. Since rolling it out, they've been able to maintain their existing database, increase their giving, and raise over $7 million to pay off debt on their buildings. We sat down with Jameson Runnels (Creative Director) and Diane Dawson (Systems Administrator) to learn more about their experience with Subsplash. If you're interested in learning more about how Church of the City is fueling their mission with Subsplash Giving, download this case study: https://tinyurl.com/casestudycoc or contact Subsplash at hello@subsplash.com. We'd love to hear from you.

Client Spotlight: Evergreen Church - Media

Since adopting the Subsplash Platform in 2014, Evergreen Church has used their app and web presence to reach people outside of their church walls with the good news of Jesus. We sat down with Phil McCallum (Lead Pastor) and Jeffrey LeBlanc (Community Lead/Communications Director) to learn more about how they do it, as well as their experience in migrating their media library from Vimeo to Subsplash.

Client Spotlight: Evergreen Church - Fill in Notes

While Evergreen Church has used their app to reach people outside their walls, they’ve also been using it to increase engagement during Sunday services, specifically through utilizing Subsplash Notes. Adopting Subsplash Notes has helped Evergreen cut down on printing, save money, and empower more people to engage with the sermon by taking notes on their phones. This allows their congregation to save sermon notes to their mobile device, email the notes to themselves, and share their thoughts with friends.

Client Spotlight: Hillside Community Church

A growing church in the heart of California discovers the ultimate toolkit that helps increase engagement, grow giving, and makes the truth of Jesus more accessible for their community. To learn more about the ultimate engagement platform for ministries visit subsplash.com or contact your Client Success Manager at hello@subsplash.com.

Client Spotlight: Calvary Chapel Worship Center

Our friends at Calvary Chapel Worship Center in Hillsboro, OR saw deeper engagement and saved thousands of dollars after they STOPPED printing Sunday bulletins. We sat down with Pastor Rich to find out how they did it.

Client Spotlight: Downtown Cornerstone Church

Seattle is the third most unchurched city in the United States, and the city with the highest percentage of religious "nones" - those who do not affiliate with any religion or belief system. Doing ministry amidst a culture that is generally hostile toward Christianity can be a daunting task, but Pastor Adam Sinnett and the team at Downtown Cornerstone trust that when the gospel is taught, God shows up. And he certainly has. We sat down with Pastor Adam to learn more about what it's like to lead a church in Seattle and what God has done through Downtown Cornerstone.