Product Demos

Subsplash Giving with Apple Pay & Google Pay

August 29, 2023

Subsplash Giving offers Apple Pay & Google Pay, allowing your community to give to your church in seconds!

AirPrint for Child Check-in

In this video, we walk through how to effortlessly set up your child check-in kiosk and print labels from your iPad using AirPrint!

Repeating Events for Subsplash Events

This demo covers how to set up and customize repeating events for your church!

Let Subsplash Events power your summer event calendar

Over the past several months, we've added tons of new features and functionality to Subsplash Events! You can set up both free and paid events with custom ticket types, attendee limits, custom questions, and more. The demo will walk through how to set up a Vacation Bible School event using Subsplash Events.

New Subsplash Giving Experience (2023)

The new Subsplash Giving experience includes the release of split gifts, the ability to easily login to your bank account without the need to type in account and routing information, and more! These updates make it even simpler for your people to donate to your organization.

Volunteer Schedules on the Subsplash Platform

With Volunteer Schedules, your people can manage volunteer activities right from your church's app! They can accept and decline volunteer requests, manage their availability, and more.

New In-App Media Experience for Subsplash One Clients

The new media tab experience in your app includes the additions of "continue playing," "suggested for you," "speaker," and "topic" content rows! With this new, more personalized in-app experience, you'll be able to increase your audience's engagement like never before.

SMS Text Messaging on Subsplash Church Management

You can now send SMS text messages with Subsplash Church Management, right from your dashboard! In this demo, we'll cover how to send SMS text messages to service teams and other groups of people in your church.

Subsplash Giving | Make the switch & Launch in <60 days

Recently switch to Subsplash Giving to save money, consolidate your digital engagement tools, and more? Our dedicated team will help you make a strategy, make it accessible, and migrate your donors as you launch Subsplash Giving.

Subsplash Events Update | Registration Types

In this demo, we’ll go over the latest updates to Events on the Subsplash Platform. Events now have the added flexibility of different registration types! With registration types, your team can choose either a “simple headcount” or “everyone registers” type for your next church event. The best part? All new contacts are automatically saved as new people profiles—creating one source of truth for the many ways people engage with your ministry.

Subsplash Platform Dashboard Unity Overview Demo

In this demo, we'll walk you through the unified Subplash and Subsplash Giving dashboard experience!

Subplash Groups Update | Group Finder & Request to Join

Subsplash Groups are now more capable than ever with the release of an updated Group Finder page and new enrollment settings, like "Request to join!" These features allow you to better manage small groups and help your people easily get connected to communities within your church.

Unified People Data Experience

In this demo, we'll go over the unified people data experience, which ensures your people data is consistent across the entire Subsplash Platform!

Subsplash Product Update | Steven Testone, Chief Product Officer

July 29, 2022 • Steven Testone

Subsplash CPO Steven Testone gives an update on our newest release, a unified people data experience across the Subsplash Platform!

Live Stream Chat Overview Demo

In this demo, we'll walk through how to turn on Live Stream Chat for a specific live stream, add chat hosts, and dig into who joined your live stream once it's over!