Subsplash | The Ultimate Engagement Platform™

The Subsplash Platform is the complete solution for connecting with your community on Sunday and beyond. There’s no better way for your church or ministry to engage your audience, grow your giving, and host and share your gospel-centered content.

Tools for the Mission

At Subsplash, our vision is to equip every church to create more and better disciples. That’s why we built The Ultimate Engagement Platform™, to empower ministries all over the world to engage their audience from one centralized dashboard. Now you can move beyond the four walls of the church and expand your reach across the globe, allowing your ministry to share the gospel, and make disciples like never before!

The Ultimate Engagement Platform

The Subsplash Platform makes church engagement simple so you can focus on what matters most: making disciples and sharing the gospel. It’s the all-in-one solution—including fully integrated apps, websites, giving, and media—that drives your ministry toward ultimate engagement. Get started today.

The Story of Subsplash

Tim Turner

Subsplash exists to Equip Every Church in making the truth of Jesus incredibly accessible. Hear from our CEO and founder, Tim Turner, about the story of Subsplash, how we got started, and the heart behind our mission.

Designing for delight | Meet our team

At Subsplash, we’re passionate about equipping churches and ministries around the world with powerful technology to engage their communities. Get to know some of our team members who help us do just that!

Staying Connected

It’s never been more important to stay connected with your community. We’re dedicated to equip every church with best-in-class digital tools that enable them to make the truth of Jesus incredibly accessible and to create more meaningful connections.

The Current | Virtual conference by Subsplash

The Current is a virtual conference by Subsplash for leaders like you! You’ll hear from pastors, technology experts, and others who share your passion to make the truth of Jesus incredibly accessible. Together we’ll explore how the kingdom of God is advancing in a tech-saturated world, and what it means for your church or ministry. Join us online on October 1, 2020 as we dream, discuss, and innovate for the gospel!

Why Subsplash?

Subsplash is not simply an app, giving, or website company. We are an innovation company that exists to help churches and ministries share the gospel, engage their communities, and fuel their mission. And that's why we built the Ultimate Engagement Platform - one place to build your own custom mobile app, collect donations with the fastest giving experience on the market, manage your media, and create a stunning website. Visit subsplash.com today to learn more about how you can take advantage of the Subsplash Platform.

2019 Subsplash Keynote

We’ve introduced new and innovative tools to support your ministry this year and into the future. Our 2019 Keynote is packed with exciting announcements, including highlights from the last 12 months, first-hand accounts from ministries finding remarkable success on the Subsplash Platform, and an inside perspective from our Founder and CEO. Tune in to see how the Subsplash Platform is growing and taking digital engagement to the next level! If you’re currently using the Subsplash Platform to maximize engagement and want to know more about what’s coming in 2019, reach out to your Client Success Manager via the link above. If you’re not yet utilizing the Subsplash Platform and want to learn more, one of our ministry-minded experts would love to talk with you!

Subsplash Keynote 2018

What's been happening at Subsplash? What new features are available? What's coming next? We're glad you asked, and we're excited to share with you! We're taking digital engagement to the next level, and we can't wait for you to experience what we've been working on. In our 2018 Keynote, Chris Sharpe (Vice President of Business Development) and Tim Turner (Founder and CEO) dive into some of the details behind what we've been up to here at Subsplash. We have lots of exciting news to share, including highlights from 2017, an inside look at how our company is growing, and a sneak peek at some upcoming features. We've been dreaming about creating innovative ways to help you expand your reach, engage on a deeper level, and spread the gospel to the ends of the earth. And now we're going to make it a reality! Check out our Keynote to learn more, and if you have questions about any of the features discussed in the video, feel free to drop us a line at hello@subsplash.com.