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Subsplash Giving | How to edit a recurring gift

Recurring gifts through Subsplash Giving provide an automatic way to give on a set schedule. In a matter of seconds, donors can easily edit the details of their recurring gift.

Subsplash Apps | How to download your church app

Subsplash Apps | How to play a sermon

Subsplash Apps | How to take notes

Subsplash Apps | How to activate push notifications

Subsplash Giving | How to get started

We know how important it is to have a simple, user-friendly digital giving solution. Through Subsplash Giving, your community will be able to faithfully give in as little as six seconds after setting up their account through this quick process.

Subsplash Giving | How to give from a mobile device

Witness tangible growth in your charitable donations with Subsplash Giving. With a simple giving experience for mobile, your community will be encouraged towards greater generosity and you’ll see increased donations for those in need.

Subsplash Messaging | Start connecting with your community

Get your community connected in just a few simple steps with Subsplash Messaging! It all starts by equipping your church leaders to help manage communication throughout your community, so they can easily send invitations by email or text, reaching new members where they’re at.

Subsplash Messaging | How to sign up

We know how hard it can be to get your entire community on board with the same solution. That‘s why Subsplash Messaging makes it incredibly simple to start communicating in your mobile app! Leaders can easily send invitations by email or text, reaching new members where they‘re at. It takes just two steps to get your community plugged in!

Subsplash Messaging | How to send a GIF

It’s simple to make in-app messaging even more fun and engaging with animated GIFs! A massive GIF library is available right in your app, including featured images recommended by our team. This is just one of many ways we’re making sure Subsplash Messaging is the best possible tool to streamline communication for your community!

Subsplash Messaging | How to create a channel

Channels are the foundation of Subsplash Messaging, and creating one for the first time takes no time at all! Just open your app and look for the plus icon. From there, it’s just a matter of naming your channel and adding participants. It's that simple!