3 tensions facing churches this Easter

March 23, 2022 • Nick Bogardus, Joe Jensen, Heather Thompson Day

In this presentation, engagement experts (and former pastors) from Subsplash and Barna—and special guests Dave Adamson and Heather Thompson Day—explore the unique opportunities of Easter 2022. Tune in to learn how to lead with greater impact through this crucial season.

Subsplash + Rock RMS

June 13, 2024 • Jon Crabtree, Chuck Bump, Carolyn Farny

In this webinar, engagement experts from Subsplash share... • Digital discipleship tips • How to boost your impact with data personalization • Updates to the Subsplash & Rock RMS Plugin • And so much more!

Power your summer events with Subsplash

May 14, 2024 • Eric Archer, Andrew Brooks, Steven Testone

In this webinar, engagement experts from Subsplash lay out how to unlock the potential of your church events this summer and beyond. You’ll learn how to: • Make event management & registration simple  • Save money with paid events • Level up your church events & maximize your impact • And so much more!

3 tips to reach more people this Easter

February 28, 2024 • Eric Archer, Kenny Stone

In this webinar, engagement experts from Subsplash lay out how to go deeper with your community this Easter and maintain momentum this spring. You’ll learn how to: • Build & maintain a discoverable online presence to attract potential visitors  • Implement an effective follow-up plan that keeps people engaged beyond the Easter season • And so much more!