Introducing Subsplash Notes

One of the most powerful ways that your community engages with your content is by taking notes during the church service each week. We’ve sought to make the note-taking process easier than ever with our latest feature, Subsplash Notes. You may already be using the Fill in Notes tool to build outlines with (you guessed it) fill-in blanks. But with Subsplash Notes, your users will always have a digital journal available at their fingertips. With this feature enabled, the option to take a note will automatically show up on each new media item, so you won’t have to put any work into creating a note each week. Additionally, users can view their note archive from the app menu. Each note is automatically connected to the corresponding media item so that your community can easily refer back to the sermon. They can also share a note with just a tap of a button! Notes will be coming to your app this summer. If you’d like to manage the visibility of notes in your app, you can do so in Settings. We hope you enjoy this new feature!

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