Introducing Subsplash Web Embeds

Subsplash Web Embeds is a new suite of tools that will enhance your web presence and streamline your workflow like never before. Web Embeds Instantly connect your media, online giving, or latest sermon directly to your website. When you publish new content to the Dashboard, your embed will automatically update – no maintenance required. Media Library Embed Add your entire media library to your website in just a few clicks. Your community can easily browse, search for a particular sermon, and seamlessly switch between listening to audio and watching video. Latest Media Item Embed Want to feature your most recent sermon on your site? No problem! With the Latest Media Item Embed, as soon as you publish a new video or audio file to the Dashboard it will instantly appear online and in your app. Say goodbye to weekly updates! Giving Embed Empower your community to donate to your cause in seconds. Simply copy and paste the embed code into your website to enjoy simple and secure giving. You can also customize the color of the embed so that it will blend in seamlessly with your website. Web App The Web App is a simple website that elegantly displays your media library. Empower your community to listen to audio, watch video, search, and more! See it in action: https://subsplash.com/reachchurch/media More Features: Customizable Upload your own photo or video banners, add your brand color, and connect your social media accounts for a beautiful web presence that is unique to your organization. Auto-Updates Whenever you publish a new sermon to the Dashboard, your Web App will update automatically — no maintenance required. No Ads Have you ever finished watching something only to be shown a bunch of other “related” videos or ads? With the Web App, the only content users will ever see is your own. Ready to enhance your web presence? Contact Subsplash: https://www.subsplash.com/contact

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Introducing New Custom Layouts

What if your app was one of the ways you introduced people to Jesus and gave them an opportunity to move forward in their discipleship journey? What if you removed barriers for people and, from their couch at home or their seat on Sunday, they could take a step forward in their faith? We believe this is possible and that's why we work hard to create new and innovative features that will help you carry out your mission. Say hello to new list layouts!

The Village Church: Multiply

Sometimes, faith can be spelled r-i-s-k. But that hasn't kept Matt Chandler and the team at The Village Church from leaning into the Holy Spirit and trusting in God as they seek to transition their five campuses to autonomous churches. We sat down with Matt to hear more about this vision and what his team has learned through the process.

Subsplash Community Service Day

A huge part of Subsplash culture is being active in our community. We love partnering with Seattle's Union Gospel Mission because of both the eternal and sustainable impact their program has on our city. Last week, we teamed up with UGM to paint one of their transitional homes for women who are recovering from life on the streets, and we had a blast!