Overcoming Racism

Part 6 of 6

May 24, 2015 • Dr. Allen Holmes • You Asked For It

Our culture has faced much racial tension lately. How should we respond? What is the root of it all? In this message, we discover the driving force of racial issues in our society, and how God wants us to live in response!

Dealing with Difficult People

Part 5 of 6 • May 17, 2015 • Dr. Allen Holmes

We all know someone who's not easy to get along with... to put it lightly. How do we manage the relationships that drain us? In this message, we discover God's way of keeping our hearts full so that we can exhibit both love and boundaries in our testing relationships!

How Do I Change?

Part 4 of 6 • May 10, 2015 • Dr. Allen Holmes

No one is perfect. Most of us know that very personally. So how do we take a step in the right direction when our lifestyle and habits seem so set? In this message, we discover God's plan for changing the way we live for the better!

Finding God's Will

Part 3 of 6 • May 3, 2015 • Dr. Allen Holmes

What is God's will, and how do we know if we're living in it? In this message, we discover how to walk in the will of God, even when it seems unclear!