Culture & Theology

Looking at Culture in an election year

Our Role In Politics

September 30, 2012 • Senior Pastor Tim Evans

In this 4th installment in the Theology and Culture series, we address our role in politics. The focus of the discussion is on our role as Christians in the Kingdom of God and how that relates to my role in the empires of the world. As members of the Kingdom of God we have far greater responsibilities than we do as members of the Kingdoms of this world.

Pro-Life Versus Pro-Choice

July 29, 2012 • Senior Pastor Tim Evans

Continuing our look at Theology and Culture in an Election Year, we take a look at what the Bible says about Life. The Pro-Life and Pro-Choice topics are very heated and emotional. The Christian Church is divided on their position on this matter. The bottom line is, "what does the Bible say?" And, what is our response as Christians in this matter.

What Does The Bible Say About Poverty?

April 29, 2012 • Tim Evans & Robert Smith

Robert and Tim take a look at the issue of poverty. What is going on in our culture and what does the Bible say our responsibility as the Body of Christ is?


January 29, 2012 • Tim Evans & Robert Smith

Tim and Robert take a pastoral look at the very sensitive topic of homesexuality. The current cultural situation is addressed and then the truth of God's Word is discussed. Questions are answered as well.