S5 E12: Sister Bethany, FSP

In the Company of Sister Bethany, FSP

February 28, 2023

Today, Sister Liz is joined by her longtime friend and Daughter of St. Paul, Sister Bethany. Sister Bethany tells us stories of her discernment and life as a Daughter of St. Paul, including her year living in Italy.

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S6 E24: Barnabas's Chain Reaction

June 18, 2024

Father Patrick Griffin, CM, joins us again in part two of our feature on Barnabas. This time, we talk specifically about how his encouragement of Paul changed Paul into the man we know him as. From this, Paul wrote letters of encouragement to his followers, which we still read today!

S6 E23: Barnabas's Silent Impact

June 11, 2024

Repeat Episode: As we read the Acts of the Apostles and other parts of the Bible, we read about Barnabas. However, we never get any quotes from him. Who was Barnabas? How is someone who never speaks so influential to the Church? Father Patrick Griffin, CM, joins Sister Elizabeth Greim, D.C., to break down Barnabas's character and dive into who he was and the impact he made.

S6 E22: In the Company of John Michael Talbot

June 4, 2024

Today, Sister Liz Sjoberg is joined by Christian singer, songwriter, and author, John Michael Talbot. John Michael Talbot is also the founder of the monastic community known as the Brothers and Sisters of Charity. Today, he shares about his upbringing, what led him to Catholicism, and what good he is seeing in his community. He also shares his own recent conversion story and how it has impacted him ever since.