S2 E13: Development of a Missionary Province

In the Company of Sister Pat Beyrau

March 10, 2020

This episode is the first episode of our Missionary March, a series in which you'll hear stories from Sisters who are or have been missionaries in various countries! In this episode, Sister Pat Beyrau, D.C., tells us all about her experience in Kenya--from the Archbishop allowing them to serve the poor to expanding the Daughters of Charity with new members! Vincentian Lay Missionaries (VLM): www.vlmusa.org

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S2 E25: Childhood Hunger in America

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S2 E24: God's Divine Providence

In the Company of Sister Jean Rhoads, D.C. • July 14, 2020

In this episode, Sister Liz Sjoberg, D.C., is in the company of Sister Jean Rhoads, D.C., vocation director for the Province of St. Louise. The pair chat about God's Divine Providence in her life and how one "yes" can lead to profound experiences.