S3 E12: Seth James deMoor: YouTuber, Runner, Man of Faith

In the Company of Seth deMoor

February 23, 2021

In this episode, we are in the company of Youtuber and ultra-runner, Seth deMoor. He talks about growing in his faith life, his family, his running, and how they are all interconnected.

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S4 E3: Finding a Home at Hotel Dieu and a Passion at Meals on Wheels

October 26, 2021

Hotel Dieu and Meals on Wheels are two works of the Daughters of Charity, Province of St. Elizabeth Ann Seton. Today’s guest, Shirley, happens to have firsthand experience with both! Listen, as she explains the joys she has experienced in her life, including working in the home of Actor Jimmy Stewart after the death of his wife, the difficulty in finding good senior housing, the great service of Meals on Wheels, helping those who are less fortunate, and getting to know the Daughters of Charity.

S4 E2: What's Life Like as a Prepostulant?

October 12, 2021

What is it like to be a Prepostulant with the Daughters of Charity? Well, today, we chat with three of our Postulants to find out! Alex, Amanda, and Molly share their experiences, surprises, and favorite parts of living in community and serving alongside Daughters of Charity.

S4 E1: Spiritual Experiences in our Lives

September 28, 2021

Welcome to season 4 of In the Company of Charity! We're kicking off the new season with our co-hosts, Sister Elizabeth and Sister Liz. The pair catch up with what they've been up to during our hiatus and some of the spiritual experiences they have had. They also hint at some of the exciting things we have coming up for this season!