Forgive One Another

July 9, 2023 • Mike Domke • Ephesians 4:32

The path to spiritual maturity runs right through the One Another passages in the Bible. One of the keys to growing and thriving in the Christian life is the key of forgiveness. Modeled by our Lord Jesus and emphasized by the Apostle Paul. Simply put, Forgiven people Forgive.

Consider One Another

July 16, 2023 • Jeremy Merillat • Philippians 2:3

Often the path to what culture calls success requires us to consider ourselves above others. Jesus sets a different example that puts others first and lead to true fulfillment. I. Product of Selfish Ambition II. Product of love for One Another III. Purpose of One Another

Serve One Another

July 23, 2023 • Brian Dicks • Galatians 5:13

"If we place our faith in the person and work of Jesus, we have freedom in Christ! In Galatians 5:13-14, Paul urges the Galatian believers - and us - to not waste that freedom."

Do Not Judge One Another

July 30, 2023 • James Lauderdale • Romans 14:13

Romans 14:13 is one of the exhortations we are NOT to do to one another… that is, “pass judgement on one another”. We are not to do it first, because God is the ultimate judge, and, second, because we are to seek unity in the body and judgement of one another severely limits unity.

Encourage One Another

August 6, 2023 • Matt Jackson • Hebrews 10:24

Let us encourage one another.