A Gospel of Freedom

01 Clarity through Adversity

January 24, 2021 • Rich Millhouse • Galatians 1:1–5

Paul’s letter to the Galatians was born in travail of soul when the truth of the Gospel was being perverted. Out of that painful adversity came clarity about the Gospel of Freedom!

02 Fraud Fighter

January 31, 2021 • Rich Millhouse • Galatians 1:6–10

The apostle Paul is the ultimate fraud fighter when it comes to the gospel. He knows that desertion come through distortion. Any belief or teaching that takes the gospel of Christ and; Adds, Subtracts, Multiplies, Divides is distorting the gospel of Christ. Because the true gospel is faith alone, by grace along, because of Christ alone.

03 The Power of a Changed Life

February 7, 2021 • Rich Millhouse • Galatians 1:11–24

In this passage Paul is defending the messenger of the gospel of grace. His defense goes on offense with a look at his personal story and the power of a changed life. I. Paul's Predicate vv. 11-12 II. Paul's Purpose vv. 12-21 III. God's Praise vv. 22-24 What's your story and where do you think it is going?

04 Contending for Gospel Unity

February 14, 2021 • Rich Millhouse • Galatians 2:1–10

Unity is not easy. Paul is sent to Jerusalem by the Lord to find unity with the Jerusalem leaders on both the Message of the Gospel of Grace and on the Ministry of the Gospel of Grace. Not everyone is called to the same ministry, but we are called to the same message. I. Unity in the Balance vv. 1-2 II. Unity and Freedom vv. 3-6 III. Unity and Diversity vv. 7-10

05 A Crooked Course

February 21, 2021 • Rich Millhouse • Galatians 2:11–16

Peter had a tendency to compromise his convictions when he was under pressure. How about you? I. Understanding Peter's Prejudice vv. 11-13 II. Understanding Paul's Protest vv. 14-16

06 Dying to Live

February 28, 2021 • Rich Millhouse • Galatians 2:17–21

Dying to live has two meanings; a thirst for life and a forsaking of our egos. In this passage Paul clearly explains the truth of the gospel through explaining justification by faith alone in Christ alone. He also give a practical meaning to the idea of dying to live. I. The Truth of the Gospel vv. 16-18. How do I become a Christian? II. The Transformation of the Gospel. vv. 19-21. How do I live the Christian life?

07 Faith Not Works

March 7, 2021 • Jim Samland • Galatians 3:1–14

Believers in God have been freed from the demands of the law as Jesus satisfied these through His death on the cross. I. The Blessed vv 6-9 II. The Cursed vv. 10-12 III. The Redeemed vv. 13-14

08 Promise over Precepts

March 21, 2021 • Rich Millhouse

God's Promise of Blessing through Christ has priority over the law of God. But the law does have its place which may surprise you. I. The Priority of the Promise vv. 15-18 II. The Purpose of the Precepts vv. 19-25

09 Child of God

April 11, 2021 • Rich Millhouse

Paul shares with the Galatians an important truth, The family of God: Who's in it and how does it work? I. Looking up v. 26 II. Looking around vv. 27-28 III. Looking back v. 29 It's not the shared DNA in your blood, but the shed blood of Jesus on the cross that makes you family!

10 Adoption!

April 18, 2021 • Rich Millhouse • Galatians 4:1–7

Paul shares a closing illustration to the question: Family of http://god...who's in it and how does it work? I. The waiting for Adoption vv. 1-3 II. The way to Adoption vv. 4,5 III. The windfall of Adoption vv. 6,7

11 No Turning Back!

April 25, 2021 • Rich Millhouse

The Wrong Path leads to the Wrong Place. Is your Christian life moving forward into freedom or backward into bondage? Paul puts out a personal plea to firmly, yet lovingly challenge the Galatians in the Path they are walking. No Turning Back and the Problem with the Path.

12 A Pastor's Plea!

May 2, 2021 • Rich Millhouse

The gospel of grace is like oxygen! When you have it in abundance it moves you to Christlikeness. Deprive yourself of grace by the works of the law and you will be anxious and joyless and proud. I. A Contrast in Messages - What happened? vv. 12-15 II. A Contrast in Ministries - Who's the enemy? vv. 16-20

13 Who's Your Mother?

May 16, 2021 • Rich Millhouse • Galatians 4:21–31

"Who's Your Mother?" The answer to that question will determine if you are living under bondage or if you are living free. Paul walks the Galatian believers through Historical Observations, Allegorical Interpretation and Practical Application.

14 Freedom!

May 23, 2021 • Rich Millhouse

Freedom: "It is for freedom that Christ has set free, stand firm and do not let yourselves be burdened with a yoke of slavery." Gal. 5:1 I. Freedom, a path to defend. v. 1 II. Freedom, you have to choose. vv. 2-4 III. Freedom, the only thing that counts. vv. 5,6

15 The Freedom Challenge

May 30, 2021 • Rich Millhouse

The Freedom Challenge Do you see freedom as the absence of restrictions or the presence of restrictions? The gospel is a third way of living in line with the truth of how God has made you. I. Challenging the Law vv. 7-12 II. Challenging the License vv. 13-15 Are you going to live your life in line with the truth of the Gospel?