A Question of Motives: Mark 12:38-44

Mark series

November 25, 2018 • Rich Millhouse

Spiritual pride makes you look at life and say, “I deserve more than I’m getting.” “I’m owed more than what I’ve got.” Jesus exposes the proud and the hypocrite in direct contrast to the humble and the sincere. I. Hypocrisy Uncovered v. 38-40, II. Sincerity Discovered v. 41-44

Peter's Denials: Mark 14:66-72

May 19, 2019 • Rich Millhouse

Some people just over promise and under deliver. However, when it comes to our relationship with God, we all over promise and under deliver. I. Follower II. Folly III. Faithful

The Trial of Jesus: Mark 14:53-65

April 28, 2019 • Rich Millhouse

I. The Justice We Want II. The Injustice We Hate III. The Justice We Need

The Last Kiss: Mark 14:43-52

April 7, 2019 • Rich Millhouse

I. Incarnate Love and the Show of Force II. Incarnate Love and the Kiss of Death III. Incarnate Love and the Wrong Resistance IV. Incarnate Love and His Life for Yours