The Blessed Life

The Beatitudes

Fully Satisfied

October 23, 2022 • Pastor Scott Randlett • Matthew 5:6

To be fully satisfied, we must stop chasing empty pleasures. We can then start seeing God's goodness and stay committed to living right with Jesus, God, and people.

The Choice of Mercy

October 30, 2022 • Pastor Jonathan Falwell • Matthew 5:7

Mercy is an unnatural response to a natural action and an outward display of an inward work. Mercy is contagious. It is the reward for mercy: Mercy given = mercy received.

A Heart of Gold

November 6, 2022 • Pastor Scott Randlett • Matthew 5:8

What does it mean to have a pure heart? A pure heart is honest, humble, and holy. A pure heart allows us to "see God," to have an unobstructed view of who God is and to enter into God's presence.

The Peacemaker

November 13, 2022 • Pastor Scott Randlett • Matthew 5:9

How do peacemakers imitate the Father's character? Peacemakers pray and speak differently, pursue unity, and willingly confess when they are wrong. Peacemakers do not seek conflict but seek to reconcile people to God.

Persecuted and Happy

November 20, 2022 • Pastor Scott Randlett • Matthew 5:10–12

Everybody longs for comfort and convenience; if we choose to live for Jesus, we can expect persecution. When we're persecuted, we must choose to value God above all, to rejoice, and to focus on eternal rewards.

The Power of the Meek

October 16, 2022 • Pastor Scott Randlett • Matthew 5:5

The life of the meek, gentle, and humble is characterized by strength under control (submission) and servant-focused. The result of living this life will change the way we speak and the way others respond. It will make us more like Jesus.

From Mourning to Comfort

October 9, 2022 • Pastor Scott Randlett • Matthew 5:4

We will be blessed when what breaks God's heart breaks our hearts. How do we do this? We turn away from sin (repent), willingly step into the pain of others, and look at what is happening in us, not just to us.

What Do You Need?

October 2, 2022 • Pastor Scott Randlett • Matthew 5:3

We will only depend on something if we know we need it. With Jesus, we will focus on the internal, remember we are all equal, and know that only Jesus provides salvation.