$495 DACA Renewal Scholarship


GET A $495 SCHOLARSHIP FOR YOUR DACA RENEWAL YOU’LL NEED AN EAD CARD (WORK PERMIT) WITH AN EXPIRATION DATE ON OR BEFORE MARCH 5, 2018 FAST - CHECKS AVAILABLE SAME DAY OR MAILED THE NEXT BUSINESS DAY AVAILABLE NATIONWIDE. TO APPLY 1. Complete the online application Fill out a quick questionnaire. You’ll need to provide your EAD card (work permit). We’ll process your scholarship application the same day. 2. Send in your DACA renewal before October 5 We’ll give you a $495 check made out to the Department of Homeland Security for your DACA renewal. You can pick it up the same day or we can overnight it to the address you provide. QUESTIONS? CALL US AT 415-373-6014 (ENGLISH, SPANISH) OR 415-315-9462 (ENGLISH, SPANISH, CANTONESE) OR EMAIL US AT PROGRAMS@MISSIONASSETFUND.ORG

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Undocutalks New Episode!!

Our Existence as Resistance," • Season 3, Episode 1.

In this episode, our hosts engage in a critical discussion asking: What is activism? And the ways we can all think of ourselves as activists. Finally, we cover the Dreamer Tour Guanajuato 2019, where multiple returnees and deportees gathered in a retreat where they are creating a network for Mexicans who are returning back to their country of birth. UndocuTalks is a podcast produced by immigrant youth centered on the premise of informing, educating, and sharing culture. Show Hosts: Melisa Garcia @melichapoeta Alejandro Mendiaz-Rivera @alejandromagno31 Rafael A. Martinez @undocu_scholar Creative Segments: Paola Monarrez @pmonarrez Rossy Evelin Lima DePadilla @rossyevelima Sound Engineer: Froilan Orozco - forozco@unm.edu

Hispanic Community Affairs Council Scholarship Fund

Award: $500 to $2,000

Academic Level: Undergraduate Student, Recent Graduate, Graduate Student Region: Alameda County Field of Study: Any Eligibility: • Be of Hispanic heritage as defined by the U.S. Department of Education • Plan to attend an accredited community college, university or approved technical or vocational school • Community college and university scholarship recipients must be taking in at least six units/credits Link: http://hcac-ac.org/index.php/scholarship

BMI Student Composer Award

Award: $500 to $5,000

Field of Study: Music Eligibility: • Be engaged in the study of music with a recognized and established teacher (other than a relative) • Have been born on or after February 2, 1990 • Be age 27 or younger as of the competition deadline • Have citizenship of a country in the Western Hemisphere • Apply by 2/1/2019 Link: https://bmifoundation.org/applications/form/bmi_student_ composer_awards_application