Foundational Talks

Church Leadership Demands

Dealing with the demands of church leadership? Could you benefit from ministry multipliers? Ron Hunter, the D6 Conference Director, brings his experience as a pastor and family ministry leader to share strategies that will help your team shift your existing church culture to include healthy generational discipleship. Topics will include why a one-eared Mickey Mouse exists in the church, how to move the three generational postures, and why the D6 philosophy has no expiration date or generational boundaries.

The Diligence of Teaching Our Children

Richard Ross evaluates how well the Christian culture teaches our kids and explains how church leaders and parents demonstrate Jesus to their children for true transformation.

The Conscience Behind Family Ministry

God’s love is best illustrated through churches and homes that reflect God’s gracious heart. Tim Kimmel discusses the importance of grace and the primary tool for launching new generations of Christ followers.


Megan Marshman presents an energetic and joyful reminder from John 4 to be interruptible and points out that divine encounters often start with really simple questions.


Carol is a humorist and speaker, frequent radio guest and author, wife and mother, Pastor's kid, Christian... and former atheist. In this talk, she’ll take you inside deep inside the mind of an atheist, of a prodigal who walked away from the faith, church, and family for thirteen years. When your prodigal declares there’s no God or wants nothing to do with your beliefs and values what should you do? What should you not do? And when their journey down the path of their newest philosophy comes to an end, and they’re ready to consider something else, will they look back home? This talk lets you view prodigals from the inside out—what factors can lead to this journey, and what factors can impact a return. Don’t miss this unique perspective on a walk away from and back to God.

Love & Respect - Family Edition

From Emerson’s popular work entitled Love and Respect he walks the husband and wife through the ah ha (and hilarious) moments of how both are giving from their depths when God requires two different expectations that compliment and complete your mate.

Using Technology in a God-Honoring Way

Using the Tower of Babel, Lydia Randall illustrates the connection that happens in real life that just cannot happen via screens and gives practical advice and encourages 3 tech-free zones: date night, drive time, the table.