Faith Chooses Godly Conduct

July 18, 2021

**Objective:** Children choose to conduct themselves in a godly manner, including choosing their words carefully, living humbly and wisely, submitting to God, and resisting Satan and his temptations. **How This Lesson Fits in the Story of the Bible:** This lesson is set in the early years of the New Testament Church. The Church was experiencing persecution and conflict, and some believers were not living out their faith. James reminded them that genuine faith chooses godly conduct. **Bible Basics:** Go over the following question and answer each day this week and work with family members to do so as well. What does the Fourth Commandment mean? Answer: The Fourth Commandment (Exodus 20:8) instructs us to keep one day in seven as a special day of worship, set apart from the other six days. In the Christian era this day is Sunday in celebration of Jesus’ resurrection on that day.