Day 2

Journey to Pentecost

June 10, 2019

Too often we do not celebrate well because we do not journey well. We don’t fully engage in the gravity of a moment because we didn’t put thought into it beforehand. Let’s not arrive at our Church birthday of Pentecost only to find we didn’t journey well. Spiritually speaking, the intention we put into our journey will affect the impact of our destination. While packing for a trip is important, sometimes of greater need is unpacking. It’s hard to stuff clothes into an already-filled suitcase, and the Spirit has no room to spread in an otherwise cluttered soul. Perhaps our most valuable preparation for Pentecost will come in the form of paring down the excess and the attitudes that muffle the spirit’s call to stillness. Over the next six days we’ll be taking time to offload life’s baggage that can be built up unknowingly. An honest look at the state of our spiritual life is imperative for positive change. If we turn a blind eye toward bigotry or negativity, we have no hope to be changed. Taking the time to uncomfortably root out unhealthy places in our hearts will leave us space to more fully accept the Spirit this Pentecost. Further, it will give the Spirit more leverage to change us, empower us and work through us. It is no surprise the Spirit is depicted as tongues of fire, wind and whisper. Can you think of anything lighter, more powerful but also much less obtrusive? When our spiritual senses are so dulled with worry, workaholism, bitterness, and busyness, how ever do we hear the whisper? We have no hope of noticing the wind. Commit to being honestly self-reflective these next seven days. Know that while facing the less lovely aspects of ourselves may not seem hopeful, it is oddly our only hope. In noticing your brokenness and inviting the Spirit to heal and renew, you become just that - made new.

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