Ask Me Anything

Ask Me Anything: Miracles Edition

April 2020 • Grant Fishbook

Ask Me Anything, Part 7

January 2020 • January 5, 2020 • Grant Fishbook

3m 42s Why are miracles of healing so prevalent in the Bible and so few and far between today? 8m 07s I have experienced severe abuse throughout my childhood and young adulthood. How do I trust that God is my protector and provider when I have known such suffering? 13m 37s I was baptized before I fully understood or had accepted Jesus as my Savior. Is it okay to be baptized again now? I want to be, but don't know if it's "allowed" 16m 57s How can we create unity and peace between democrats and republicans? 22m 20 s What's your biblical basis for having women as teaching pastors or pastors in general? 26m 32s Someone asked me why it's not enough to just be a good person – why do I need God? How can I respond to that? 31m 09s When it comes to loving the LGBTQ community, is there a line between supporting and enabling? As parents, how do we stay in relationship even if we disagree? 39m 51s I have family who consult a medium who claims to be a Christian. Is that wise? 42m 57s I have a friend who's lost sight of God because of all the hardships she's been through. What can I do to help her rebuild her relationship with God? 45m 52s As a divorced person, I was asked to leave on church by staff and was a social outcast at another church. Is CTK different? Am I welcome here? 49m 35s Does God view women as equal to men? 57m 45s Do children who die have a free pass into heaven? What about people with disabilities who can't verbally process their faith? 1h 6m 13s How should Christians handle homosexuality when it is clearly a biblical sin, but we are called to love everyone? 1h 10m 32s What do you (Grant) do to stay inspired? Your messages are always heartfelt and meaningful. 1h 15m 45s Can you be a true liberal and true Christian at the same time? 1h 19m 49s I don't believe in God, but I want to. What do I do? 1h 27m 41s As Christians, what is our role in caring for the environment? 1h 30m 09s What do I do when my spouse doesn't believe in God and I'm on my own in this? 1h 35m 12s What's a biblical view on the use of marijuana now that it's legal? 1h 48s 0s How can God forgive me when I can't forgive myself?

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