4th and 5th Graders

Following Jesus Together on Zoom

Trivia! Closing Competition

April 28, 2021 • Pastor Polly Inestroza

See you at 6:30! Bring your bibles, your books, marker and some paper! See you at 6:30

Choices: Choosing to wait (Patience is a virtue!)

How well do you wait for things? • April 14, 2021 • Pastor Polly Inestroza

Watch the clip to prepare for tonight!! There is an exercise for you to do BEFORE 6:30. Bring your bible, your choices book, pen/pencil and your smile! See you at 6:30!

Choices: Choosing a Happy Heart

Choosing a happy heart even when it doesn't go my way. • March 24, 2021 • Pastor Polly Inestroza

Choosing your words MATTERS.

What words come out of your mouth? Who do they make proud? • March 10, 2021 • Pastor Polly Inestroza

Bring your bible and your Choices Book. A pencil/pen. And your smile! Also, your best joke! A prize will be given to who brings the best joke! See you at 6:30

Choices - Smart Steps

Smart steps lead us to good choices. • February 24, 2021 • Pastor Polly Inestroza

You will need your bibles. And your choices book, along with a writing utensil.

Choices - Reading God's WORD

Do my choices really matter? • February 10, 2021 • Pastor Polly Inestroza

Reading God's Word to understand my choices. Does it really matter? Bring your Bibles and your new devotional book. Also a pen!

Choices - Reading God's WORD

Do my choices really matter? • January 27, 2021 • Pastor Polly Inestroza

Do my choices affect other people? Or is it really not a big deal what I choose?

Choices - Listening to God's WORD

Do my choices really matter? • January 13, 2021 • Pastor Polly Inestroza

You make a lot of choices each day! Does it even matter what I choose? God cares about our choices, and he wants to help! Let's read the Bible together and see what God has to say! Bring your BIBLE, pen, paper and a highlighter tonight!

The Church - Week 2 of 2

Work of the Church - hey, that's us! • December 9, 2020 • Pastor Polly Inestroza

We will see each other tonight, at 6:30 for the second part of our discussion about the Church! That's us! Watch my video and be ready!

The Church - Week 1 of 2

Church Building & Church Body • November 11, 2020 • Pastor Polly Inestroza

4th and 5th Graders - meet me on zoom at 6:30!

Session #3: A New Way

October 28 - 6:30-7pm • October 28, 2020 • Pastor Polly Inestroza

Go and sin no more! Jesus' special words! Parents, I invite you to join your child for tonight's Following Jesus Together. We will look at 2 video clips of Jesus healing. Jesus invites us to follow him, and not go back to sinning!

Sin that Separates

October 14 • October 14, 2020

Tonight we will talk about sin that separates us from God. Are you ready? Did you watch my intro video?


September 30 - 6:30-7pm • September 30, 2020

4th & 5th Graders! Welcome to a new year! Please watch my intro video and get ready for our Zoom meet! See you at 6:30! Please watch the short video and gather needed items before 6:30!