Shema Challenge Week 2

"What about God do I love?" This is our focus this week!

November 3, 2020 • Pastor Polly Inestroza

Read 7 stories (with Polly or on your own) and work as a family, answering the question, what about God do I love in this story? How does God respond to the people? What does God do? What does that tell us about God? Write a list out, or post notes on your wall, making a "I love God because..." wall! Let's learn about God this week! Parents- if we desire for our kids to love God, we have to help introduce them to who God is and why is lovable! Help your kids meet God this week!

Families Zoom Together!

December 2, 2020 • Pastor Polly Inestroza

Families - we are home for safety, but still growing with Jesus! We will sing tonight, and continue with our Justice Journey series! I can't wait to see your faces! Families are invited to all sit together on Zoom call. 6:30 sharp!

Story #7: The Light of the Whole World

November 7, 2020 • Pastor Polly Inestroza

Our final story for Shema Challenge Week 2! Read along with me or on your own! Add your final picture or note to your "Love God" wall! After hearing this story, what do you love about God?

God's Messenger (Jonah)

November 7, 2020 • Pastor Polly Inestroza

Will you join me in hearing the story of Jonah? Or find it in your Bible!