Color of Compromise Discussion

James Tisby Videos

September 23, 2020
6:30 - 7:30pm

Join us as we watch James Tisby's "Color of Compromise" videos and discuss. This class will be in person. There will also be a second virtual meeting option on Zoom at 8:00pm. Please utilize link to join. You are invited to join Pastor John and others for a weekly conversation as we seek to move forward in racial righteousness. These gatherings are a proactive response to the events of this summer in both our community and nation. Jemar Tisby is a disciple of Jesus whose work takes us through the history of sustained racism and injustice in the American church. Each week we’ll launch into our gathering with a video from Jemar that is both challenging and hope-filled. Participants are invited to read his book, The Color of Compromise (which is currently on the New York Times Best-seller list), but you can participate without doing so.  This disciple-building process will include listening, learning and lamenting so that we can advance as followers of Jesus who are engaging with Jesus’ call to work against racism.