7 Day Fast (see notes below for details)

Fasting Journal

January 7, 2018 • Sean Reed

A WORD OF ENCOURAGEMENT I encourage you to make this 7 day Purpose Journal a part of your daily routine. I believe this book will guide you to a new level of spiritual maturity. Here are some tips that I believe will help you reap the greatest spiritual benefit from this journal: 1. Follow the steps outlined in your Journal and record what God is saying to you. 2. If you miss a day (fasting and/or studying), do not stop! Just pick up where you left off the next day. 3. Drink water and or juice during the fast to maintain your strength, and then eat a light dinner after 6:00pm. Periodically God calls us to Him for a season of prayer and fasting. When He calls us to prayer and fasting, He calls us with a purpose in mind. As we go through this time of prayer and fasting, let us pray as a corporate body for God’s plan and purpose to come to pass. During this time with God, our corporate prayer is that: • Our time of prayer and fasting truly honors God • We confess and repent of all sin revealed in our lives • We work to reach families for Jesus Christ in the city of Fort Worth, Texas and the cities that we live in personally • God takes our lives, our families, and our church to a new level of spiritual maturity • We personally develop a new level of spiritual intimacy that continues after the fast is over • We will build a new building to minister to the families in our community

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